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We put your child’s social and psychological development at the heart of everything we do.

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Local Community Members

Children learn and develop through play. It helps to nurture their imagination and give them a sense of adventure. Through play, they can learn essential skills such as problem-solving, working with others, and sharing.

We want to provide every child that joins our nest the opportunity to fall in love with play. Our curriculum design and carefully considered learning environments are crafted to ignite curiosity and imagination.

Curated programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers aged six months to six years combined with our modern approach to childcare will feel cozy, inviting, safe and most importantly fun. Children will experience a sense of adventure as they develop new friendships and enjoy experiences that will enrich their lives. 

We can’t wait to welcome you as our newest Nestling!

Trained Educators

A gentle approach to learning where happiness comes first.

At Nestlings, we offer playful and holistic learning that focuses on the needs of each child to nurture imagination and inspire a sense of adventure and fun. Our unique education curriculum harnesses the theory of emergent learning and the science of positive psychology. 

Thoughtfully curated, our curriculum allows every child the opportunity to have meaningful learning experiences that incorporate their emerging interests to grow, lead and evolve to their full potential. Through our principles, practices and learning outcomes, we develop the whole child – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

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Our Staff


Hello, nice to meet you all. My name is Jennifer Nikolaou but you can call me Ms. Jenny. I’m so very excited to be joining your Nest as the Supervisor and working closely alongside Sabeen and our community partners. I am a local Brampton resident and have lived in Peel my whole life. I have had the opportunity to work and raise my daughter in this wonderfully inclusive and diverse community. I originally graduated from Brampton’s Sheridan College with my ECE in 2002. Since that time I have continued to apply myself as a lifelong learner and am always interested in new and evolving ideas on how to best enrich the lives of all children that I have the honor of being apart of.


Hello! This is Sharon. I am a certified Early Childhood Assistant. I have a true passion for working with our youngest learners and helping each child progress in all areas of their development. About my family, I am married and I have a daughter. She is 5 years old. We love to watch movies together, listening music and relaxing at the beach. I am so excited to be your child’s teacher and look forward to working together with in your child’s growth and development.


My name is Rupinder Kaur and I’m a Registered Early Childhood Educator. I have done my studies from Northern College, Scarborough, ON. I have been working with the Children since past one year. My free time hobby is doing crafts and painting. I find inspiration everyday through working with the children and knowing that I am part of their formative years of development. I feel that it is a gift to me to help them explore the world around them. I have always enjoyed working with children and I am finally chasing my dreams. Therefore, I would like to succeed and learn more by dedicating my rest of life to help and serve the families.


Hi! My name is Komalpreet Kaur. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator. I finished an Early Childhood Education course from Fanshawe College last year. I am a kind, caring, and loving person with lots of patience. I would encourage positive and responsive relationships in the classroom because the type of relationship a teacher and a child share really affects the development of a child. Also, a strong and healthy relationship would help me understand children better. I am super excited to work in partnership with families and children in the preschool room. I will take this opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge I gained throughout my journey of Early Childhood Education. Thank you so much for reading my biography.


Hi!! My name is Gursimran Kaur .I am so happy to meet you . I know it’s going to be a great year for all of us together to learn and grow at ‘NESTLINGS’. I am from Punjab, India. I have been living in Brampton since 2019. I have a completed my diploma from Northern college of applied arts & technology. I think of my tiny infants as my own kids and love to see them reach little milestone by day by day .


Hello families ! I’m Simranjot Kaur (Simmi). I am an RECE and I am so proud to being part of Nestling. I love seeing children learn and grow! I graduated from Canadore College in 2022 and started working at the centre in March. From a very young age I have discovered my love for working with children. I feel very happy and content being part of their lives. I am dedicated to the social and emotional development of every child and I would ensure that they receive all the care and love they deserve. Seeing children doing new things and experiencing their world is truly what I love to observe from them. I enjoy engaging in play, interacting and reading with the children. I also love when they teach me new things they can do!


Hello Nesting Families, My name is Komalpreet Kaur ,working as a RECE in our infant room . I emigrated to Canada in 2019 for my higher education and career growth. I did my diploma in Early childhood Education from Northern college of applied arts and technology (Pures) I am an extrovert person. I always love meeting new people and build healthy relationships. My hobbies are listening to music and making new crafts. My commitment to this profession is helping children develop their skills and learn through a play-based curriculum. I believe this supports them through exploration, imagination, play and social interactions with others to make sense of their world.


Hello, my name is Rajpreet Kaur, and I am very excited to join the preschool class at Nestlings Early Learning & Childcare. I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year. I have been teaching preschoolers for one year. I graduated from College Canada with a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I am passionate about being a preschool teacher and enjoy the many qualities this age group has to offer. I believe in maintaining a fun, safe and secure learning environment where children feel free to explore the world around them. I am excited to embark on this new adventure with all of you.


Hi! My name is Jaishree Kaneria. I have obtained my Bachelor's degree in Education and worked in an elementary school for 25 years. In Canada, I have worked in a Montessori School as an Assistant Teacher for 4 years. I love watching the children learn and grow. I look forward to developing a responsive relationship with the children and their family. I am excited to be a part of this wonderful team of teachers at Nestlings Early Learning & Childcare as a preschool assistant teacher.


Hi! My name is Amandeep Kaur. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator. I graduated from Sheridan College. I would love to own and run my own childcare center one day. I along with others would consider myself to be a funny, caring and patient person. I enjoy cooking in my free time. I also enjoy watching documentaries and just learning about our world’s history. I am very excited to be a mentor for your children and watch them learn and grow. If you have any questions please feel free to come and see me!


Hi all! My name is Ms Karamjit Kaur and I am a teacher for the Toddler Room. I have completed my Early childhood Assistant from Canadian Business College. In Back home I have done my Master's in psychology and also have 2 years of experience working as a counselor in a school. I enjoy coming to work everyday and the Days when I am not working I spend my time watching Comedy shows or doing painting or crafts with my 6 years old boy. I am very excited to be the part of Nestlings Early learning & childcare centre team and grow together.


Hello, my name is Basma Nudrat. I am an Early Childhood Assistant at Nestlings Early Learning & Childcare. As an educator, I am passionate about helping young children grow and become the future of tomorrow. I believe that each child is unique and I value in helping children grow and develop into confident and selfsufficient learners. My hobbies besides working with children are going on nature walks, painting and cooking. I am excited to meet the new families & new children.


Hello, I’m Ms.Shadaé. I have been an ECA for five years, and have a diploma in Community Service Worker from Canadian Business College, and graduated from Medix College. I am looking forward to working with you and your children. I’ve always loved supporting kids as they grow and develop their skills.


My name is Sherma Farrell. I am an honest, hard-working and devoted person who has a passion for working with children and have done so for many years through private home settings, volunteer, and day care settings. My goal in this field of work is to keep children safe and to help them and their environment by exploring and discovering new things. While humor is a part of me, my main interest is to make the people around me safe, comfortable and loved. In my leisure time I do many things. A few of them I will mention; baking, working out, creating and making new recipes ideas, taking long drives and nature walks, dancing and listening to music. I look forward to having a great time with curious little minds and loads of enthusiasm.


My name is Khadija Khadija. I am extremely interested in working with children because I love to see how they learn and try to understand life through their perspective. Children are so pure and genuine, and I love that I could have the chance to be part of someone’s life who potentially changes the world. I think that I fit into this profession suitably because I always try to stay positive, I am a very enthusiastic and caring person and children are mostly similar which is why I feel like children and I can get along so well. Children make me happy and that could be a reason for me to take the decision of becoming a professional ECE and able to create activities, interact with children and extend their learning.


Hello Nestlings Family, My name is Harsimran Kaur. Basically, I am from Punjab, India but I moved to Canada in 2019 to build my career and explore more opportunities. I did my Early Childhood Education diploma from Northern College in the year 2021. I started my career as a preschool teacher for one year. I am now working as an RECE in Toddler 1. Both my parents are primary teachers and I used to observe them and tried to copy them. So, I thought to choose teaching as my profession. Also, I feel very proud in helping these young minds in their developmental stage as these are the basic foundations of our society.


My name is Sandeep Kaur. I am a passionate and dedicated educator with 1 year of experience teaching children. I am excited to be working as part of the team of “Nestlings Early Learning & Childcare” and to grow as my role of RECE. I have loved being such a big part of children’s lives; especially watching them grew into the best versions of themselves. I acknowledge that each and every child has the right to learn and play each day while in care. I will ensure that each child has this opportunity.


Hello, my name is Prabhjot Kaur, I am 21 years old. I am from India, I came to Canada in 2021 for my higher studies. I have completed a diploma in Early Childhood Education from George Brown College (Toronto Metropolitan University). I can speak English, Punjabi, and Hindi fluently that helps me to communicate with diverse families. My hobbies include singing, cooking, and reading books. I am very passionate about working with children. I have learned a lot how to keep safe environment as well as the skills including developing curriculum, Language etc. Now, I am privileged to work on the skills as well as quality education that fits each student needs from the very well and experienced Centre. I am very delighted to be a part of Nestlings Early Learning and childcare center and excited to be working in a caring environment. My mission is to introduce safe environment around children as well as enriching young minds.